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Stock screeners are a kind of tools which using filters shortlist a number of companies from a plethora of companies listed on a stock exchange. The filters are specified by the investors and according to that, the results are provided by the stock screeners. These short screeners can be accessed through so many trading websites and some other platforms. Here are a few examples of such stock screener websites. if you check our SIP Calculator for calculating return.


Google Stock Screener

This stock screener website is free to use, the stocks can be compared with the peer stock with parameters with this screener, data provided in Google Screener can be exported and also coverage to both NSE and BSE is provided. For stock screening, you can use your own criteria too.

This free stock screener website offers exchange wise and sector wise options. For a particular stock, you can get alert and watch list mechanism. In this tool, the customised screen is available.

Investello Screener

This screener is sometimes referred to as the most detailed Indian screener. You will be able to filter the stocks on the basis of more or less all the relevant criteria like the growth of EPS, return on the equity, the ration of the debt inquiry Here every stock is analysed from four different perspectives- safety, growth, performance, and valuation. Safety comes first when it is about investment. The ratios to be analysed at the time of safety analysis are debt-equity ratio, pledged shares current ratio, NPA ratio etc. Future growth is not ensured by the past growth but growth indicates a competitive advantage and performance of a company is interlinked with growth. Also, the business you are buying should not be much expensive. So valuation is vital.


Flyers is a small toolbox where you can analyse everything using charts and calculate the options and prices. Here you will get customised watch list, several screeners, advanced charts along with multiple technical indicators, options traders and an overview of the market of any index.

This stock screener website is a paid tool that gives an in-depth and completes analysis of the stocks. The features of this tool include- history of the stock’s performance and peer comparison, stock investing game, stock price calculator, future prospects.

This tool of screening and stock analysis let you see each and every information of all the companies on one single page that is customisable. This stock screener website gives some featured screens like a growth stock, the bull cartel, magic formula, loss to profit companies, highest dividend yield and piotroski scan. Apart from all these features screens, if you want to design your own screen based upon your strategy and standard, you can do that as well. For the customer screens, email alerts are also enabled. If the criteria of the customers are met then they will receive one approval mail.


Edelweiss is a very basic and simple stock screener which uses so many criteria for filtering the companies on the basis of valuation, the performance in the market, the pattern of shareholding, the effectiveness of management etc. To find out the specific stocks, these filters can be applied on the same tab. The filters are not at all difficult to use and the results are downloadable and customised.


This is the source of credible, reliable and honest opinions since 1996 when it comes to investment in India. The main motto of Equity master is to make the investors smarter, richer and more confident about the investment and for that, I is dedicated towards flawless research and in-depth and thorough analysis.


This is a paid tool that does the complex analysis. This tool is meant for the professionals as it covers all the fundamental points, includes sophisticated calculations and filter.


Capital Cube is known as one of the biggest company analysis providers. This research platform covers more than forty thousand global equities. The factors like fundamental research, earning equity, corporate actions, solutions of equity screening and earning quality are included in this analysis. With Capital Cube, you will not need to spend a lot of time to track down all the data and to gather all the information, the company let you concentrate on the opportunities and potential of the investment more.

If you are buying stock after doing thorough analysis then stock screener is a must tool to use. It helps you to analyse a stock and investment.



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