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SIP calculator or mutual fund calculator helps people to accurately calculate both the wealth gain and the returns which are expected from the monthly SIP investment? Using SIP calculator, you will get an approx. the idea about the maturity amount against the monthly SIP investment which depends on the rate of annual return.

SIP Calculator online

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SIP calculator or mutual fund calculator helps people to accurately calculate both the wealth gain and the returns which are expected from the monthly SIP investment? Using our SIP calculator Online, you will get an approx. the idea about the maturity amount against the monthly SIP investment which depends on the rate of annual return

Mutual funds are investment companies which are open-ended and from the investors, they collect the money and on the behalf of the investors, they invest the money. For managing this money, these companies charge a nominal amount of money.

The regular investors who do not possess much knowledge about different kinds of investment options, mutual funds are an ideal option for investing their hard earned money. The investor must set a financial goal first and then should select a mutual fund scheme which will help them to achieve that goal.

Mutual funds pool the money of the investors into one single fund which is maintained by a portfolio manager. Then this huge amount of money is invested in a portfolio of different assets or a good combination of assets by the manager.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

  • First you need to learn about the capacity and tolerance of the risks well. Risk profiling is actually identifying the amount of risk you can endure. Then do the asset allocation. Asset allocation must be a combination of both debt and equity instruments to balance out the number of risks.
  • Then select one fund to do the investment. Upon the basis of objective and performance of the mutual funds, you can compare one with the other and then decide which one is suitable for you. Afterward, select on particular scheme offered by the company you have chosen. Then do the application for that scheme either offline or online

To get the best out of your investment, follow-ups, and diversification of the investment is very vital. This process is a disciplined approach to fulfilling the desired financial goal. But before doing anything, get your KYC properly done

Benefits of Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator

Mutual fund SIP return calculator is a very easy and fast method to calculate the amount which is to be accrued against the regular investments done. Therefore, in this way, the investors can easily make a good strategy and plan to meet their financial goal in the long run

SIP return calculator is a user-friendly interface and requires no detailed information. You just need to provide the information related to the monthly investment, the return rate and investment’s tenure.

You can avail SIP calculator online for free

SIP investment calculator helps the beginners to learn more about the mutual funds and SIP.

Nature of investment (SIP / Lump sum)

There are mainly to options when it comes to investing in a mutual fund- lump sum and SIP. Lump sum investment means you have to do a one-time investment of a lump sum amount annually.

Whereas, when you invest that same amount but breaking it into equal parts and investing it monthly, it is called SIP or Systematic Investment Plan. If you can afford the risk and can afford to invest a huge amount at a single time you can go for the lump sum investment But for the people who are no aggressive risk seekers and want to invest regularly but small amounts towards a specific corpus then they should opt for SIP.

What is Lump sum

The definition of the lump sum is a single and complete sum of money. This is a method of investing in mutual funds where you need to invest the entire amount at a single time.

What is SIP

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan enables you to invest a fixed amount regularly in the mutual fund scheme you have opted for. A fixed amount that you have agreed upon is deducted on a regular basis in SIP from your savings account and then it is automatically transferred to the mutual fund where you are investing your money.

You can invest the money monthly, quarterly or weekly. SIP is a good way to develop a habit of savings which will help you in the long run to generate a good amount of wealth. In nature, SIP is flexible which, means you can increase or decrease the amount of investment whenever you wish and you can discontinue the plan as well if you want to at any point in time.

Advantages of SIP

SIP is a good tool to accomplish the financial goal. Here are some more benefits of SIP.
  1. SIP helps to form the habit of disciplined investment and regular savings. If you start to invest a small amount of money regularly at an early age, the financial burden will increase of meeting the desired financial goal and it will leave a good impact on the total accumulation of wealth.
  2. No matter whether the market is low or high, the investment amount remains constant. Though SIP does not give any guarantee, it decreases the bad effects which you face after investing in a volatile market. So, the overall risk is less in SIP.
  3. The cost of purchase is averaged and the returns are maximum with SIP. This is because you are to invest irrespective of the market condition which results in getting more units when the market is low and getting fewer units when the market is high.
  4. The market condition is always unpredictable and SIP is not free from that volatility. The value of the fund may fall but as you are investing here periodically, you are not required to worry about the movements of the market.

Formula used by SIP Calculator:

FV = P × ((1 + i)n - 1) / i) × (1 + i) where FV stands for Future Value, P for the amount you invest at the beginning of each payment interval, n for the number of payments, I for periodic interest rate, r for the expected rate of return in percentage every year.

Why you need SIP Calculator online

SIP calculator or mutual fund investment calculator or mutual fund return calculator online helps you to determine the amount you are going to get at the time of maturity easily and instantly. Also, you just need to enter the detail, the calculation will be done online.

How to start a SIP?

To start a SIP, first finish the KYC formalities, then register for a SIP and select the right SIP suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions regarding SIP & Investment

Q1. Can I start a SIP when the market is at an all-time high?

Yes, you can start your SIP anytime you want regardless of the condition of the market. The market condition is always unpredictable. But it is better to wait until the market witness a correction if you have not started the SIP already.

Q2. What happens if I miss a SIP?

If you miss a SIP, the SIP account will be active but you will miss the SIP installment for that month.

Q3. Is there any upper limit to the SIP amount?

No, there is no upper limit for investing in a SIP.

Q4. SIP Investment through Brokers is costly?

No, it is not much costly. The brokers enjoy a 0.5-1.5% commission if they manage to sell a SIP. It is, of course, costlier than the direct investment. But it also reduces your headache but completing all the formalities on their behalf.

Q5. How to extend SIP duration?

At the completion of the SIP, you are given an option of extending the duration of SIP. If you want to extend it, fill up the extension or renewal form of SIP and send it to the authority. If you want to extend the duration even before the SIP is completed, fill up a SIP form mentioning your folio number and the span of duration and send it to the concerned authority.

Q6. How to shorten SIP Duration?

The SIP duration can be shortened only if the minimum investment period of the SIP is completed. If you then want to shorten the period you can either do it online with just a few clicks or send a signed and written application to the concerned authority.

Q7. When Can I withdraw my SIP amount when invested with a locking period or ELSS?

The lock-in period of the SIP is 3 years. So every SIP in any ELSS fund will be locked in for 3 years minimum.

Q8. How is Exit Load calculated on SIP investment?

The fund houses generally use the method of first in first out or FIFO to calculate the exit load on the SIP investment.

Q9. Can I cancel a SIP request?

Yes, of course, you can. After you place the request, it will be canceled after 30 days.

Q10. Is SIP a risky investment?

Yes, there are some risks associated with SIP investment but they are not much rather the risks associated with investment returns are reduced here.

Q11. What is Amount based SIP?

All the SIP investments should be based on the financial goal you have. According to that decision the amount of your periodical investment towards the SIP investment.

Q12. Should I Choose SIP for Long term wealth?

Yes, you can choose a SIP for accumulating long term wealth without any hesitation.

Q13. Are all investments through SIP have tax benefits?

No, only the SIP investments in ELSS com with tax benefits.

Q14. What dates can I select for my SIP?

There are two options- one at the beginning of the month and the other around the 15th of every month.

Which Mutual Funds are Best For which Duration:

Fund Type Ideal Duration Risk Level Expected Returns
Large Cap Mutual Funds 4+ Year atleast Low 12-20%
Mid Cap Mutual Funds 6+ year atleast High 15-20%
Small Cap Mutual Funds 7+ Years High 12-20%
Multi Cap Funds 7+ Year Moderately High 15-20%
ELSS Funds 3+ Year High 15-20%
Sector Funds 7+ Year High Variable
Eqiuty Oriented Balanced Funds 2-3 Year Moderately High 10-15%
Liquid Funds Few Days- Few Weeks Very Low 7-9%
Ultra Short Term Funds 6 Months- 1 year Very Low 6-9%
Short Term Funds 1 -3 year Very Low 5-9%
Monthly Income Plan (MIP Variable* Moderately Low 7-9%
GILT Funds 1+ year Moderately Low 8-10%
Income Funds 1-3 year Moderately Low 8-10%
Debt Oriented Balanced Fund 2-3 years Moderately Low 8-120%

High Return Mutual Fund

Top Equity Fund 3 Yr Return 5 Yr Return
Mirae Asset India Equity Fund 16.29% 18.51%
Axis Bluechip Fund 16.06% 14.9%
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund 15.91% 14.55%
SBI Bluechip Fund 11.89% 14.55%
SBI Magnum Multicap Fund 15.12% 18.4%

Low Risk Mutual Fund

Top Debt Fund 3 Yr Return 5 Yr Return
Reliance Low Duration Fund 16.29% 18.51%
UTI-ST Income Fund-Inst 7.32% 8.21%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Savings Fund 8.08% 8.52%
HDFC Short Term Debt Fund 7.62% 8.35%
DSP Credit Risk Fund 4.73% 6.83%

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Disclaimer : Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing

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